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Facebook refuses to change "real name" policy


After meeting with a group of drag queens and a San Francisco official, Facebook has refused to change its policy requiring that “real names” be used on performers’ profiles. 

Facebook has been deleting the profiles of drag queens and others who go by their drag names on Facebook. Some of these individuals say they can’t appear with their legal names online for fear of losing their jobs or even endangering themselves. Along these lines, depending on how strict Facebook is, this could also end up harming trans people and other non-performers who go by different names online for safety reasons. 

Instead, Facebook is suggesting performers create “fan pages,” but the queens say it’s harder to build a following and spread the news about gigs that way. Plus, many say they want to build friendships online, not just fan bases.

If Facebook doesn’t change its policy, the drag queens at San Francisco City Hall Wednesday said they would organize protests and boycotts.

"Abused women, bullied teens, transgender people… (there are) a million different people with a million different reasons to use fake names," said Sister Roma, a member of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

Facebook says it policy “helps prevent bad behavior, while creating a safer and more accountable environment.”

Oof. Something tells me this fight isn’t over. 

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Why are we not talking about Derrick Coleman????

  • He’s been legally Deaf since he was 3 years old
  • That’s 20 years
  • He received a letter from a fan who’s also Deaf and he wrote back an inspirational reply
  • He’s the first ever Deaf offensive player in the league.
  • He’s also the first to score a touchdown
  • In order to play football, he has to watch everyone else and move when they move, wear hearing aids, and he has to read Quarterback Russell Wilson’s lips in order to know what the play is, and he still manages to do it and do it well.
  • He’s just an inspiration to me and a lot of others.

Who’s not talkin bout him? I love this guy

fuckin sick. high levels of sight, reflexes and reaction speed. superhero type shit right here

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so in the past week i’ve had three separate guys call out “you’re very pretty” while i was walking. what is this? is it a new tactic? it’s a little classier than “sit on my dick” but like, the very act of shouting at strange women is still trashy and invasive as hell.

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Hello!! I’m in need of a HUGE signal boost right now (and maybe a big reporting session) because my best friend is being blackmailed by her ex boyfriend. 

I’m not exactly sure what I’m supposed to put here, but I feel like this should be a warning for anyone who knows him and just a general informative thing. Jacob lives in Australia and is 16 years of age. They’ve had a very unhealthy relationship and he’s threatened sending out her nudes multiple times. Jacob is very manipulative and emotionally abusive towards her and even ends up pulling me and her other friends into not being able to do anything because it’ll end up hurting her. He’s made around 7 Twitter accounts to contact my friend in the times that she was trying to get out of the relationship.

In the picture above, he’s posted her nudes and threatened her.


His Twitter accounts all start with @/neinthousand but the one that was most recently used was: @/neinthousand12 (but it was apparently deleted)

His Facebook account is:Jacob R Hynes, and he has more but I am unable to find them. They’re under Jacob Hynes and the like.

********** UPDATES!!! **********

First, we thought we had a compromise. 

Then this happened not even a minute after:

PLEASE CONTINUE REBLOGGING THIS. My friend is only 15 years of age and this is absolutely horrible. We’re getting ahold of local authorities but if you see the pictures anywhere (namely twitter) REPORT THEM IMMEDIATELY.

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You don’t have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder if you like organizing your stuff by colour, title, length, etc. That’s just you being fucking organized. OCD is a debilitating disease that harms its suffers. It’s not a quirky little thing about your personality. 

Please stop. 

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